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Chhabra 555 Franchise in india

Chhabra 555 Franchise in india


Welcome to the gorgeous palace of Indian ethnic fashion that offers unparalleled range of Sarees, Suits, Lehngas, Lachas and Bridal Apparel for gen-ext brides, mothers, daughters as well as grannies whose never-ending appetite for variety in colours and designs has sparked a virtual revolution in fashion retailing.
Banking upon fifty-five years of experience in fashion retailing, Chhabra 555 has gradually emerged as the most preferred destination for Indian women who are very particular about the uniqueness of their wardrobe. We know that these Indian women won’t buy a design that’s similar to the one next lady is buying. Their wish list for variety and class has means as well as ends at no place other than a Chhabra 555 store.
The growth of Chhabra 555 from a small saree shop in Chandni Chowk to a premier wholesaler-exporter of ladies apparel and now a brand boasting of an enviable chain of high-end enthnic fashion retail outlets has been a fascinating tale of ambition, devotion, innovation and conviction of Shri Krishan Lal Chhabra, his sons and its dedicated personnel.
Product Range

  • Exclusive designs for the class shoppers
  • Innovative product lines for the fashion conscious ones
  • Wide product choice for the choosy ones
  • Competitive pricing for the very alert ones
  • Value for money for the very sensible ones
  • Individuality of choice for the fashion-crazy ones
  • Undisputable quality for the very-cautious ones
  • Latest in fashion for the leaders in fashion
  • Everything for everybody, to grannies
  • Something on offer for all sections of the society

The Retail Store

  • Palatial ambience to gel with the rich brand image
  • Elegant interiors - Exquisitely designed exteriors
  • Sophistication with functionality
  • High sales volume backed by exhaustive variety and aggressive marketing
  • Strong and reliable supplier base that offers best quality at most attractive prices

Chhabra 555 keeps offering outstanding product lines thru its retail outlets to cater to today’s woman’s demands for style, uniqueness and variety. All Chhabra 555 outlets are decorated with product lines exhibiting latest in ethnic Indian fashion which are created by carefully selected team of designers who translate individual lifestyles with respective product lines. All product lines are differentiated on the basis of pricing, base material, prints, finish and visual details.
Competition – What’s That!

  • Exclusive designs that the shoppers won’t find anywhere else
  • All at one place! A destination for the whole family who doesn’t need to roam anywhere else
  • Retail at wholesale prices! The customers get latest variety at wholesale prices not offered anywhere else
  • Strong customer loyalty! Once a Chhabra 555 shopper, loyal shopper forever

The Personnel
The personnel of all Chhabra 555 outlets from Showroom Manager to the Peon are groomed to elate the customers with top-class service quality.

  • Customer-centric approach! The eye for customer desires-nature-emotions!
  • Competence in selling! The skill to sell an extra Lehanga for daughter to buyer of a saree!
  • Charm in conversation! The art to pull customers thru fascinating people-skills!
  • Friendliness on choosiness! The patience-enthusiasm to translate the choosy customers to confirmed ones!

Brand Image

  • Rich history! More than five decades of wholesale, retail and export of women apparel.
  • Established brand! Known to every Indian woman in every household.
  • Trusted name! Recognized as a trusted name to bank upon for bridal as well as general fashion shopping.
  • The safest bet! Standard advice by all wise women to all wise women for anything and everything in ethnic fashion.
  • Effective Brand-promotion! Aggressive advertising campaign has elevated the stature of Chhabra 555 as the leaders of ethnic-fashion retailing.

Want to be a Chhabra 555 Dealers!
Chhabra 555 is looking for enterprising individuals and families with vast or no experience in garment retailing to expand its existing network to encompass whole of India, starting with North and Western India.

Franchise Your Business

According to the franchise vertical there are huge opportunities but some people want to take something different. The franchise model is a great way to establish a company and may well be the quickest route to market. Once the brand is recognized on a national or international platform it becomes easier to develop and enhance new product lines. By starting your own franchise, your place in the market could grow faster than going at it alone.
This may be true for some businesses but not all businesses are suitable for adaptation to the franchise model. You must evaluate your business and assess whether or not it can be taught to individuals who are not from a business background. It is important to understand the costs involved especially with regards to recruiting your franchisees.
You must consider all aspects of your business with relation to the franchise model. Being selective in your recruitment is one of many points to take into account before any decision is made. You should ask yourself what type of person it takes to make a successful business and find out who possesses such traits from the people who are interested in becoming franchisees for your company.
It is wise to investigate methods of training as you will have to decide who will train your franchisees and provide constant support. Your franchisees are only able to make a success of the business if they have sufficient product knowledge which is solely obtainable through the quality of training they will embark. First, you should look at the unique selling points of your business and then educate your franchisees to the level where they are confident it their pitch.
Once you have researched the practices involved with setting up your own franchise, and are happy with results, then you are ready to seek expert advice. There are many administrative processes to navigate before launching your franchise and you will need guidance in producing franchise agreements, training systems, support mechanisms and marketing material. The franchise agreement is one of the most integral parts of your business, so it is best to consult a franchise lawyer that can help produce a professional document for you.
If you choose to outsource your training as opposed to offering it in house, you should look at a range of training providers then decide which company will do the best job, and there are many good training providers, so they must be examined in depth. The companies you come across should not only provide initial training to your franchisees, but also supply constant support whenever necessary.
You may need assistance with your marketing materials so a marketing expert is worth investing in and should be preferably selected from the franchise industry as this way they will have inside knowledge of how to target franchise buyers productively. It is crucial for them to have an understanding of what your franchise entails and they should be in a position to mange your business sufficiently.
The franchise route may seem a daunting challenge especially when entering new markets however, if the procedure is carried out strategically, your business can become a remarkable success resulting in a long term lucrative business.

Franchise opportunities in india

According to Vikrant Chhabra CEO Of see lot of business& franchise opportunities in India. India is one country that offers various franchise and business opportunities. In today’s cut throat competitive world everyone wants to stay ahead in the race of success and for that majority people have decided to indulge themselves into business. Which has created the huge opportunities in the cross verticals of the economy. Due to that lot of people are think different and doing there work differently. The generation has start thinking different and taking there business to next level which is also helping to boost the economy of India as well generate huge job market.
Seeing today’s movement you can say that franchise is one business which is riding high these days and with the entrance of foreign and big players more franchise and business opportunities have popped up. According to the experts, franchise business is the safest business as it involves less investment with more revenue. That’s why more and more people are now moving towards the available franchise opportunities. The franchise business is in boom these days as many big and international food giants are looking for the people who can help them in setting up their outlet in India.
This sudden need has created a lot of franchise and business opportunities for the people and anyone cashing this opportunity now will always be on the profitable side. India’s vast geographical expanse, multilingual culture, strong and powerful economy and also growing middle class all clubbed together provide excellent franchise and business opportunities in India. Franchise business is riding high these days in India and there is a sudden boom in various sectors such as food and beverage, raw materials, power supply, fuel, tourism, services and even commercial ventures.
Recently, ‘United Nations Conference on Trade and Development’ or widely known as UNCTAD reported that, currently India is comfortably positioned among the top four Asian destinations for foreign direct investment. And by this you can predict that, soon more and more foreign companies will be coming and setting up their base in India. This means more lucrative franchise and business opportunities in India. Another main reason behind this boom is that the cost of hiring an employee in India is much lower than the west, that’s why, so much work is outsourced to India and many companies are setting up their operations here.
Thus, if you wish to achieve success and also the revenue then this is the time to hunt and cash on the franchise and business opportunities available in India.

Franchise industry at boom in india

Best franchise opportunities are no longer just available to people in India. They are now becoming available to many foreign companies such as those in India. It has been revealed by recent developments that there is a significant growth in franchise opportunities in India and there are many companies that are taking full advantage of this opportunity that has been opened up to them. This will mean a fresh look for India and it will become much more hi-tech than it is currently.
Taking a closer look into the best franchise sector in India , it is clear that pretty much all the sectors are flourishing greatly and that there are a lot of franchisee opportunities being made available. Some sectors however, are doing better than others at offering best franchise opportunities and these include automotive, healthcare, IT, beauty, retail, business services, food and beverages. Many more companies are looking different opportunities in the franchise model in India. Now we have near about 1000 brands who are optioning franchise model for the expansion of there business plans
According to Vikrant Chhabra CEO of . Many companies have started out in India and have grown to establish fully developed businesses. They have been assisted along this pathway by many global as well as top-notch companies who have guided them as to the best routes to take. This has come about due to the upcoming of best franchise opportunities in India and is the reason for many of the franchises in India being supported by the government. Expert market analysts have predicted that the franchise opportunities in India will continue to grow very rapidly and there will be lots of benefits available to the people who are involved.
Best franchise opportunities will be very advantageous to companies as they will ultimately help businesses establish themselves in the developing country of India. India will also benefit from the franchises as they will help the country to improve their economy and will contribute to the overall growth of the country.
However, the most advantageous factor of these best franchise opportunities is that you can get into it and establish your own business without having to spend lots of money on making an enormous investment. All that is needed to be done by the franchisee is the selection and study of a sector and its current situation so that a plan and strategy can be formed accordingly.
The most popular sectors that are catching the eye of companies currently are healthcare, beauty and foods and beverages, education and business services . Due to the fact that these sectors provide the basic necessities and the fact that there is widespread competition within them, they are fully developed within the developing country. Statistics show that they have grown by 20% and experts expect this growth to continue into the future. This will mean that there will be a number of benefits that can be reaped from franchise opportunities in these areas.
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