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Chhabra 555 Franchise in india

Chhabra 555 Franchise in india


Welcome to the gorgeous palace of Indian ethnic fashion that offers unparalleled range of Sarees, Suits, Lehngas, Lachas and Bridal Apparel for gen-ext brides, mothers, daughters as well as grannies whose never-ending appetite for variety in colours and designs has sparked a virtual revolution in fashion retailing.
Banking upon fifty-five years of experience in fashion retailing, Chhabra 555 has gradually emerged as the most preferred destination for Indian women who are very particular about the uniqueness of their wardrobe. We know that these Indian women won’t buy a design that’s similar to the one next lady is buying. Their wish list for variety and class has means as well as ends at no place other than a Chhabra 555 store.
The growth of Chhabra 555 from a small saree shop in Chandni Chowk to a premier wholesaler-exporter of ladies apparel and now a brand boasting of an enviable chain of high-end enthnic fashion retail outlets has been a fascinating tale of ambition, devotion, innovation and conviction of Shri Krishan Lal Chhabra, his sons and its dedicated personnel.
Product Range

  • Exclusive designs for the class shoppers
  • Innovative product lines for the fashion conscious ones
  • Wide product choice for the choosy ones
  • Competitive pricing for the very alert ones
  • Value for money for the very sensible ones
  • Individuality of choice for the fashion-crazy ones
  • Undisputable quality for the very-cautious ones
  • Latest in fashion for the leaders in fashion
  • Everything for everybody, to grannies
  • Something on offer for all sections of the society

The Retail Store

  • Palatial ambience to gel with the rich brand image
  • Elegant interiors - Exquisitely designed exteriors
  • Sophistication with functionality
  • High sales volume backed by exhaustive variety and aggressive marketing
  • Strong and reliable supplier base that offers best quality at most attractive prices

Chhabra 555 keeps offering outstanding product lines thru its retail outlets to cater to today’s woman’s demands for style, uniqueness and variety. All Chhabra 555 outlets are decorated with product lines exhibiting latest in ethnic Indian fashion which are created by carefully selected team of designers who translate individual lifestyles with respective product lines. All product lines are differentiated on the basis of pricing, base material, prints, finish and visual details.
Competition – What’s That!

  • Exclusive designs that the shoppers won’t find anywhere else
  • All at one place! A destination for the whole family who doesn’t need to roam anywhere else
  • Retail at wholesale prices! The customers get latest variety at wholesale prices not offered anywhere else
  • Strong customer loyalty! Once a Chhabra 555 shopper, loyal shopper forever

The Personnel
The personnel of all Chhabra 555 outlets from Showroom Manager to the Peon are groomed to elate the customers with top-class service quality.

  • Customer-centric approach! The eye for customer desires-nature-emotions!
  • Competence in selling! The skill to sell an extra Lehanga for daughter to buyer of a saree!
  • Charm in conversation! The art to pull customers thru fascinating people-skills!
  • Friendliness on choosiness! The patience-enthusiasm to translate the choosy customers to confirmed ones!

Brand Image

  • Rich history! More than five decades of wholesale, retail and export of women apparel.
  • Established brand! Known to every Indian woman in every household.
  • Trusted name! Recognized as a trusted name to bank upon for bridal as well as general fashion shopping.
  • The safest bet! Standard advice by all wise women to all wise women for anything and everything in ethnic fashion.
  • Effective Brand-promotion! Aggressive advertising campaign has elevated the stature of Chhabra 555 as the leaders of ethnic-fashion retailing.

Want to be a Chhabra 555 Dealers!
Chhabra 555 is looking for enterprising individuals and families with vast or no experience in garment retailing to expand its existing network to encompass whole of India, starting with North and Western India.

Franchise Your Business

According to the franchise vertical there are huge opportunities but some people want to take something different. The franchise model is a great way to establish a company and may well be the quickest route to market. Once the brand is recognized on a national or international platform it becomes easier to develop and enhance new product lines. By starting your own franchise, your place in the market could grow faster than going at it alone.
This may be true for some businesses but not all businesses are suitable for adaptation to the franchise model. You must evaluate your business and assess whether or not it can be taught to individuals who are not from a business background. It is important to understand the costs involved especially with regards to recruiting your franchisees.
You must consider all aspects of your business with relation to the franchise model. Being selective in your recruitment is one of many points to take into account before any decision is made. You should ask yourself what type of person it takes to make a successful business and find out who possesses such traits from the people who are interested in becoming franchisees for your company.
It is wise to investigate methods of training as you will have to decide who will train your franchisees and provide constant support. Your franchisees are only able to make a success of the business if they have sufficient product knowledge which is solely obtainable through the quality of training they will embark. First, you should look at the unique selling points of your business and then educate your franchisees to the level where they are confident it their pitch.
Once you have researched the practices involved with setting up your own franchise, and are happy with results, then you are ready to seek expert advice. There are many administrative processes to navigate before launching your franchise and you will need guidance in producing franchise agreements, training systems, support mechanisms and marketing material. The franchise agreement is one of the most integral parts of your business, so it is best to consult a franchise lawyer that can help produce a professional document for you.
If you choose to outsource your training as opposed to offering it in house, you should look at a range of training providers then decide which company will do the best job, and there are many good training providers, so they must be examined in depth. The companies you come across should not only provide initial training to your franchisees, but also supply constant support whenever necessary.
You may need assistance with your marketing materials so a marketing expert is worth investing in and should be preferably selected from the franchise industry as this way they will have inside knowledge of how to target franchise buyers productively. It is crucial for them to have an understanding of what your franchise entails and they should be in a position to mange your business sufficiently.
The franchise route may seem a daunting challenge especially when entering new markets however, if the procedure is carried out strategically, your business can become a remarkable success resulting in a long term lucrative business.

Franchise opportunities in india

According to Vikrant Chhabra CEO Of see lot of business& franchise opportunities in India. India is one country that offers various franchise and business opportunities. In today’s cut throat competitive world everyone wants to stay ahead in the race of success and for that majority people have decided to indulge themselves into business. Which has created the huge opportunities in the cross verticals of the economy. Due to that lot of people are think different and doing there work differently. The generation has start thinking different and taking there business to next level which is also helping to boost the economy of India as well generate huge job market.
Seeing today’s movement you can say that franchise is one business which is riding high these days and with the entrance of foreign and big players more franchise and business opportunities have popped up. According to the experts, franchise business is the safest business as it involves less investment with more revenue. That’s why more and more people are now moving towards the available franchise opportunities. The franchise business is in boom these days as many big and international food giants are looking for the people who can help them in setting up their outlet in India.
This sudden need has created a lot of franchise and business opportunities for the people and anyone cashing this opportunity now will always be on the profitable side. India’s vast geographical expanse, multilingual culture, strong and powerful economy and also growing middle class all clubbed together provide excellent franchise and business opportunities in India. Franchise business is riding high these days in India and there is a sudden boom in various sectors such as food and beverage, raw materials, power supply, fuel, tourism, services and even commercial ventures.
Recently, ‘United Nations Conference on Trade and Development’ or widely known as UNCTAD reported that, currently India is comfortably positioned among the top four Asian destinations for foreign direct investment. And by this you can predict that, soon more and more foreign companies will be coming and setting up their base in India. This means more lucrative franchise and business opportunities in India. Another main reason behind this boom is that the cost of hiring an employee in India is much lower than the west, that’s why, so much work is outsourced to India and many companies are setting up their operations here.
Thus, if you wish to achieve success and also the revenue then this is the time to hunt and cash on the franchise and business opportunities available in India.

Franchise industry at boom in india

Best franchise opportunities are no longer just available to people in India. They are now becoming available to many foreign companies such as those in India. It has been revealed by recent developments that there is a significant growth in franchise opportunities in India and there are many companies that are taking full advantage of this opportunity that has been opened up to them. This will mean a fresh look for India and it will become much more hi-tech than it is currently.
Taking a closer look into the best franchise sector in India , it is clear that pretty much all the sectors are flourishing greatly and that there are a lot of franchisee opportunities being made available. Some sectors however, are doing better than others at offering best franchise opportunities and these include automotive, healthcare, IT, beauty, retail, business services, food and beverages. Many more companies are looking different opportunities in the franchise model in India. Now we have near about 1000 brands who are optioning franchise model for the expansion of there business plans
According to Vikrant Chhabra CEO of . Many companies have started out in India and have grown to establish fully developed businesses. They have been assisted along this pathway by many global as well as top-notch companies who have guided them as to the best routes to take. This has come about due to the upcoming of best franchise opportunities in India and is the reason for many of the franchises in India being supported by the government. Expert market analysts have predicted that the franchise opportunities in India will continue to grow very rapidly and there will be lots of benefits available to the people who are involved.
Best franchise opportunities will be very advantageous to companies as they will ultimately help businesses establish themselves in the developing country of India. India will also benefit from the franchises as they will help the country to improve their economy and will contribute to the overall growth of the country.
However, the most advantageous factor of these best franchise opportunities is that you can get into it and establish your own business without having to spend lots of money on making an enormous investment. All that is needed to be done by the franchisee is the selection and study of a sector and its current situation so that a plan and strategy can be formed accordingly.
The most popular sectors that are catching the eye of companies currently are healthcare, beauty and foods and beverages, education and business services . Due to the fact that these sectors provide the basic necessities and the fact that there is widespread competition within them, they are fully developed within the developing country. Statistics show that they have grown by 20% and experts expect this growth to continue into the future. This will mean that there will be a number of benefits that can be reaped from franchise opportunities in these areas.
If you are new to the world of franchising and are not sure on what to do and from where to obtain the latest information then Franchise Plus is the best place for you to look. This is one of India's largest online portals and offers the best and latest information on the world on franchising. The best franchise opportunities can be found within the portal.
For best business opportunities and business & franchise option in India you can vist the Indian leading online portal Think different be your own boss.
Over 600 franchise and business opportunities available at one market place.

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intrenation overview

Cairns plays host to a team of international ENACT Business Architects

Cairns played host to a team of international ENACT Business Architects recently, as they held their first ever annual conference at the Trade winds.

Mr. Trevor Holmes, Founder of the business consultancy franchise said “Business Architects are small to Medium business advisors and there is a new industry of these professionals appearing worldwide.”

ENACT Founder Mr. Holmes also turned on the Business Rescue Helpline that will provide local and other businesses throughout the country with immediate help with their businesses.

“I can really identify with Cairns businesses as they have to ride the waves of change in the economic climate, being from the Sunshine Coast which also has a high dependency upon Tourism, I know what that means in needing to hold onto your current customers while attempting to lure new customers from a fluctuating base” said Mr. Holmes.

Mr. Terry Thompson, local principal for the business consultancy franchise, has already seen an increase in inquiries to his Cairns Business Architect Agency since news of some of the best business developers in the world being in town this week.

“This happens once in a lifetime that some of the best business–builders in the world are together in one room, discussing how the international Small Business market will survive the current economic crisis and then propose in the future,” said Mr. Thompson.

“Business Architecture is not like traditional business coaching,” said Mr. Thompson, “Business Architecture is about redesigning the business to implement Structure, Systems and Measurement that sees the business stand and grow for years to come.

“You need to take a holistic approach to issues like the business having no direction, the staff being unmotivated, the business having no definable systems coupled with the sales and marketing not working. Traditionally, business coaching organizations only deal with one issue or other when building businesses, because they come from that background.”

ENACT Business Architects have worked with hundreds of businesses in Queensland alone to increase their profitability and secure their future, these businesses have created a clear vision of how to navigate through the tough times and even increase market share as their competitors falter and fall by the wayside

Written by Vikrant Chhabra

22, September 2009 16:20.


A 100 percent subsidiary of Alok Industries, Alok Retail India, is all set for an expansion and is in talks with private equity firms to raise Rs 100-crore. The company is targeting to add 250-275 stores, mostly through the franchise route by this year end.

The company's retail chain, H&A, will expand its network by 250 stores by the end of this year by adding 25 properties every month. It presently has 120 stores running across the country. The company is also planning to make a foray into Kashmir as well as eastern states. By the next three years, Alok Retail India plans to open 1,000 stores as there is a huge demand for apparels in India.

According to H&A is expecting to garner a turnover of Rs 500-crore in the next three-years from its retail operations alone.

Written by Chirag Singh

22,September 2009 15:45

welspun expansion in retail market


The retail arm of Welspun India Ltd, Welspun Retail is planning to add 50 stores by the next financial year making its store tally to 250. This raise can be attributed to a demand revival for the company’s products this fiscal year. As told to Abha Garyali of FIHL, Welspun will open its stores mostly by the franchise route in the metro cities. The franchisees will be chosen on purely merit basis.

According to the firm would re-open around 10 stores that it had closed due to the economic downturn. Welspun Retail expects revenues to touch Rs1.2 billion by March 2010.

onida looking for channel partners


Promoters of Onida, Mirc Electronics, plan to launch exclusive retail stores which will be both company-owned and franchise-operated. A few stores are to be opened by the end of this financial year and 10 - 12 are slated to open by the beginning of next year.

The company is opening a new plant in Roorkee in Uttar Pradesh next month as it has a lower market share in the north India as compared with the other regions. The new plant would start off with manufacturing of washing machines and later with other products. Onida’s product range includes television, washing machine, DVD players and microwaves. In order to highlight its other products, Onida is planning to launch a new brand campaign as it always was seen as a television brand so far. This would be started by the end of October.

According to this new brand campaign would highlight the thoughtfulness behind Onida's product features through the eyes of today's young couple. Mirc Electronics had a sales turnover of Rs 1600 crore in 2008-09 and is aiming for a 20-25 per cent growth in the current fiscal year, during which it had earmarked Rs 100 crore for ad campaign

Written by Chirag Singh

22, September 2009 15:15

reliance expansion in india


The fully owned retailing arm of Reliance Communication, Reliance Web store is ready to resume its expansion strategy by taking the franchise route, after an interval of nearly two years.

Reliance web store is in the process of altering the existing stores into franchised stores. However, this model has been used for giving incentives to the employees rather than for cutting on capital costs. Therefore the company will continue to own or lease land and make substantial investments into the stores that they open. The capital for starting a store, without external facilities like connectivity, will be around Rs One crore.

According to the company has already started with its roll out strategy and has opened three out of its planned ten pilot stores. The stores, designed by the international design consultant Fitch, will continue to showcase the entire gamut of ADAG products. For example, they will also have shop-in-shop outlets of Bigflix and Reliance Money. The company aims to double the number of outlets to nearly 500 from the current 230 in the next five years

Written by Vikrant Chhabra.

22, September 2009 14:35

snap expansion in india

snap fitness logo


The American fitness giant “Snap Fitness” is one of the fastest growing companies in the country. The company grew by 5900% between the period 2005 and 2008; having generated revenue of $31.7 million. Snap fitness is the world’s fastest growing fitness franchisers with such facilities as 24x7access to world standard cardio and fitness equipments. They offer a non-expensive solution to the fitness requirement of the consumers over the world and are very much present in the Indian market as well.

According to the , there are 500+ franchise brands in India and the fitness segment contains over 20 players such as Gold’s, VLCC, Body care etc.

Presence of Snap Fitness in India poses a serious competition to other fitness companies because the facilities offered by it are simply superb.

Peter Tauton, the CEO of Snap fitness opines that since everybody likes to be fit always irrespective of whether it is recession or inflation. So the franchise of any fitness club is very profitable and more so if it is of Snap India

“Our more than 400,000 satisfied members, combined with our triple-digit revenue growth, prove we're honed in to what consumers want and expect from their fitness program," Taunton added.

No wonder it has been ranked rank #1 on Franchise Market Magazine's Top 100 New Franchises and #3 among Entrepreneur Magazine's Top New Franchises. The Snap Fitness centers in India come under the purview of Force Fitness India Pvt. Ltd

A snap fitness franchise costs around Rs. 35 lacs to Rs 50 lacs. The franchisee is provided formal training for one week before being given the absolute charge of the franchise. The minimum term of the agreement is five years and the expected return on investment is minimum 35%.

Full marketing support to the franchisee is provided by the Snap Fitness and no specific qualifications are required of the franchise holder. Infact, in 70% cases the franchise holders are absentee owners/investors. Just make sure you have a space of about 1500sqm to 2000 sq ft in uptown area of the city

Written by Chirag Singh

22, September 2009 15:20

toon kids expansion plans


According to , there are 500+ Franchise Brands in India and the kids merchandise segment has over 50 players. Amongst these kids apparel industry in India is estimated at 28,800 crore and is annually growing @ 18%. The ToonKidz exploits this market segment by manufacturing clothing based on leading cartoon characters for both boys and girls. It has associations with leading animation channels like cartoon network and Pogo to use their animated cartoon characters.

ToonKidz is a very famous name in the kids merchandise segment as well and sells other things in addition to clothes such as footwear, stationeries, PC games and any other item that kids will like and force their parents to buy. It is promoted by AR Knit Process and NF Retail and has an in-house manufacturing process, design and branding house. Till date it has been increasing its market presence with the help of LSF and MBO and few EBOs (Exclusive Brand Outlets) in the country. But now the firm is aiming at opening close to 200 EBOs in the country and some Middle-East countries and is looking Franchisees for the same.

The franchise process for ToonKidz is simple and effective. Any interested party with an investment capacity of 16 to 25 lacs and an idea of a prime market area of around 1000sqm in any A and B class city in India can apply for ToonKidz franchise. The firm undertakes the marketing and promotional processes for the existing and newly opened EBOs. The firm guarantees a minimum return of 18% to the franchise holder on the investment and it can go Upto 70%.

The ToonKidz franchise has a product line-up of 20 products, the highest any retail store for kids’ products in Asia has. So a Franchise license to sell the products of ToonKidz is very attractive and profitable. It also plans on launching a range of chocolates under its brand name by Christmas this year.

The ToonKidz franchise is based in Bangalore with its manufacturing division in tirupur, Tamil Nadu, India. It is headed by Mr. Venkat RV who is very positive about the success of franchise business of ToonKidz

Written by Chirag Singh

22, September 2009 14:50


US Based leading supplier of office stationary and services, Office Depot and India based Reliance Retail have entered into a joint venture to provide the Office Depot’s products and services to the customers in India. For the alliance to be successful, they have also acquired eOfficePlanet, a Mumbai based dealer in office products and services, supplying its product to major businesses and companies throughout the country.

Office Depot will serve the Indian business houses by satisfying their demand for office stationery and supplies; office technology; printing solutions; corporate gifting and promotional products; break room, canteen, pantry and janitorial supplies;

The partnership reflects a powerful combination of category leading expertise and global sourcing capabilities of Office Depot with the immense distribution reach and deep customer understanding that Reliance Retail has achieved," said Bijou Kurien, President and CEO of Lifestyle for Reliance Retail.

Country Manager for Office Depot India, Sreenivas Nagappa will be based in eOfficePlanet's Mumbai headquarters and the CEO of eOfficePlanet, Shyam Barilits-Gupta, will be a part of the management team within eOfficePlanet.

The strategic acquisition of eOfficePlanet is expected to strengthen the position of Office Depot in the Indian Office product market, which is estimated to be $10 billion. Recently the Future Group signed in a deal with another global stationary provider, Staples and has its products selling at its retail counters.

According to , there are 500+ franchise brands in India and the retail segment has over 50 players, including the Mahindra Retail, Fortune Group etc. franchise are seen as a strategic way of spreading its foothold in the market by a company and Office Depot has been exploiting it for quite some time now. The Reliance Retail which plans to reshape the Indian retail segment provides franchise license to the investors for setting up of its outlets across in major cities of India and has over 465 retail stores now.

As observed by industry experts, this is seen as a counter move as the Future Group acquired the franchise rights for Staples in India

Written by Vikrant Chhabra

22, September 2009 13:50

vision spring


Vision Spring is solving the problem of presbyopia and helping more and more people find employment opportunities at the grass root level. And it does this in a very innovative way by distributing reading glasses to the people living in the villages and less developed areas of the country at a subsidized rate.

Till date it has been very successful in implementing its schemes. It has members, called Vision entrepreneurs (VE) who are given the in charge of the village they belong to and other adjoining areas. There main task is to spread awareness and hold camps for the same in the villages and testing the villagers for presbyopia and accordingly giving out reading glasses. It needed, they are also prescribed to a local eye-specialist. The VE are not the employee of the Vision Spring (India) but work with it on commission basis which they get on the sale of each reading glass.

VEs are given week long training where they are given the required knowledge and skills. Another way through which Vision Spring (India) functions is through Franchise operations. It ties up with local NGOs to make use of their networking channel in order to spread its word and the reading glasses. This method is mainly used for entering new areas for detecting and correcting presbyopia.

Vision Spring, founded by Dr Jordan Kassalow, is mainly US based but has large scale operations in India and is connected with L.V. Prasad Eye institute in Andhra Pradesh and this is where its first pilot project started in India. It soon spread to other parts of the country with more and more NGOs taking up it franchise.

According to , there are 500+ franchise brands in India and the development industry has close to 15 players. The number of players doesn’t mean that the industry is not developed or not competitive or doesn’t have prospect for development. It is very attractive to help lift the weaker sections of the society for which we need to do our bit.

Written by Vikrant Chhabra

22, September 2009 13:20

young people are kings

MADAME – CHOICE OF YOUNGSTERS provides us the on the whole point of view that there are 500+ Franchise brands in India and the women western wear franchise industry is successfully growing. Amongst these brands flaunting women’s western wear Madame is one of them which has made its mark in the fashion industry and has attracted many Indian teenagers and adults towards its clothes, accessories and perfumes

Written by Chirag Singh

22, September 2009 12:50


bata style for future india

BATA – STYLE FOR FUTURE INDIA gives us an overall perspective that there are 500+Franchise brands in India and the shoes franchise industry is flourishing even more than before. Amongst these shoes brands the famous one which every Indian is aware of is Bata, a leading brand from Italy which has made a distinctive mark in the Indian shoes market.

Earlier shoes were only a necessary commodity used to cover and protect your feet from unwanted while walking or running. Nowadays, shoes have become not only a necessary commodity but a luxury item which if you have the best one in town makes a definite fashion statement.

To help you in that Bata, Italy’s famous shoe brand have unveiled their stylish and chic autumn/winter collection of 2009. This collection has a large variety ranging from tailored balmorals for men and elegant suede boot for women.

In this collection you will see that the designers have used high technology in creating these master pieces. With intrinsic detailing and a combination of exclusive Italian designs they have thoughtfully produced the chic boots and heels for women and trendy court shoes for men.

The franchise partner of from the Middle East tells us that the amount of effort that the designers have put into making these shoes can be seen in the outstanding collection of models and palette with the use of materials like suede and leather and many others.

The new range has a wide variety of ankle boots and buckled shoes to knee high fur boots and pumps which you can show off with another wide range of our belts and bags. The shoes, belts and bags that Bata has to offer to you never get out of style.

The entire look of this collection is very chic and urbane and it also expresses bohemian fashion with a queer eye of detailing.

There are a range of colors in which these shoes are available like cognac, dainty rusts and knotted bottle greens. These are some of the colors which you can match up with an elegant evening dress or a formal office wear. The sober and day colors which you can flaunt in the day for brunches and day parties are rich maroons, purple, midnight blue and snow white. Some of the shoes that are included in the children’s collection display studs and overlap folds, with beautiful tassels

Written by Vikrant Chhabra

22, September 2009 12:25

exapnsion plans of coca cola

coco cola logo


Coca Cola the world’s largest selling soft drink company in the world has taken a bright step forward in the Indian market with the completion of their Rain water harvesting project in Kolkata along with the SOS Children’s Villages of India. The project was made at the SOS Children’s Villages at Bidhan Nagar in Kolkata and is dedicated to the children of the village and the local community.

The Evolution of Coca Cola in the Indian market took place in the year 1993, in the same year it also took over the ownership of the nation’s biggest soft drink brand and bottling network. Ever since its evolution in India, it has made significant investments to consolidate its position in the country’s market like new production plants, waste water treatment, marketing channels and distribution systems.

So far, Coca Cola is considered to be one of the largest investor in the Indian market with an investment of over more than Rs.1000 crores in the first decade and further also invested around Rs.100 crores in the year 2003 for its operations. The soft drink giant has given the Indian consumers an opportunity to get a taste of the world class soft drink to fill up their refreshment and hydration.

This social project was a step forward in the area of sustainable water resources for the children and to increase the nationwide water conservation.

Mr. J. Mukhrejee the HR-Manager of Bengal Beverages said that this project was an important step towards water conservation and environment management. He also added that these projects can not be carried forward individually and required a combined and collaborated effort. He was also very thankful to SOS Children’s Village for coming together with them to start this nationwide project of rain water harvesting.

According to there are more than 500+ Franchise Brands in India, the Food and Beverage sector has over 25+ players active in the market. Coca Cola has not just been involved in social projects, but has also provided job opportunities to a large population in the country. Coca Cola provides direct employment to over 6,000 people and indirectly helps more then 125,000 people to earn their living.

The Indian operations have 50 bottling units in the country; out of which 25 are owned by the company itself and the rest 25 are owned by franchisees. In addition to this there are 21 packing manufactures which are associated with the company

Written by Chirag Singh

22, September 2009 11:50

Cadd expansion in india


Asia’s largest computer training institute CADD is all set to sign up a deal with Syscoms Information Technology. Syscoms Information Technology is a part of the EMKE group based in the Middle East and has planned to launch their franchise in Qatar. CADD offers a wide range of computer aided courses like the Computer aided Design (CAD), computer aided engineering (CAE) Programme and Project Management (PPM). It has also decided to offer new courses like training in civil/ architecture and electrical CAD which are essential for manager and engineers to cope up with the increasing demands in the market.

The Director of CADD Mr. Karaiadi Selvan said that they were proud to be associated with Syscoms Information Technology as they were the prime providers of educational in the Middle East with affiliation to the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, U.A.E. Mr. Selvan is very confident that their presence in Qatar will surely help the region as they will be offering their CAD and PPM programmes for the local industries there.

CADD holds an amazing track record of training 400,000 professionals from different fields of engineering, graphic and management. The Director Mr. Selvan also gave an indication that the in-house Curriculum and Product Development team was working closely with the leading firms in Qatar to develop a programme according to their requirements. The leading oil and gas firms are involved in the process to develop a customize CAD/CAM/PPM training programme for them. He also added that the courses offered by CADD are world renowned and globally accepted

When asked about the partnership to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. MM Shabeer of Syscoms College, he said that they were eagerly looking forward at this relationship as they had seen CADD, India being highly successful in offering exclusive professional and skilled development programmes in information technology and management in India as well as many other foreign countries. Mr. Shabeer also told that they will provide CADD with complete infrastructure from the major training institute in the world to provide with the best of programmes. He has also promised that this learning experience at Syscoms will be totally different and something to remember with the latest available gadgets and teaching aids.

According the there are more than 500+ Franchise Brands in India and the Education sector has over 95+ players. CADD is the latest name which has been added to the franchise business in India. To check out the latest list of computer and internet player in the field, you can log on to

Written by Vikrant Chhabra

22, September 2009 11:25

new palyer on the block


Preschool is considered to be the first step of socializing in a child’s life. None other than New Age Knowledge Solutions (NAKS) understands that better. The NAKS have started their new chain of preschools in the country and decided to take in all around the country by this month end. The first preschool named ‘I Play I Learn’ was started this April and has gained popularity in no time.

The New Age Knowledge Solutions (NAKS) are striving hard to take their concept all across the country through franchise. When asked to the Managing Director, Mr. Arun Khetan about their future plans, he said, they had gained huge popularity in this short span of time and are in talks with 20-25 franchisees to sign the deal. He also added that if things go as planned, there will be 5-10 preschools opened under the name of I Play I Learn by this month end. All the school will be operational under the franchise model.

These ventures are all set to open up in big metro cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai. Apart from the metro cities, NAKS plans widen its arms in cities like Patna, Guwahati and Bhubaneswar. The company also targets to open up townships in various cities across the country.

The franchise process is not that complicated in this case as the franchisees can open up the preschool in a residential area which requires low resources. The minimum space required to start up the business can be 1500 sq.ft. This can be extended up to 6000 sq ft. From the investment point of view the minimum expected investment will range between 6-8 lakhs. On a higher side one can invest up to 35 lakhs.

The breakeven is expected to be achieved when 20-25 students enroll in the school. The franchise are divided into 5 different models i.e. Standard, Deluxe, Super deluxe, Premium and Deluxe Premium. The type of franchisee is offered on the basis of the investment and the area available with the franchisees. The curriculum remains the same for all the models but the fees vary from one place to the other.

The New Age Knowledge Solutions Pvt. Ltd also provides the franchise with all the necessary graphic support, marketing tools and staff. Proper training is given to the complete staff including the teachers and the franchisees to carry out the business smoothly. Special Training is given to the teachers with regard to the curriculum.

The main aim of I Play I Learn is not just education; they look forward at developing the child in every part of his life and make them confident to express him/her self in the best manner.

Apart from play school NAKS also runs other activities for children for the age group of 4-12 years. According to there are more than 500+ Franchise Brands in India, the Education Sector has over 95+ players in the market who are successful. For more information visit

Written by Chirag Singh

21, September 2009 13:00