Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cadd expansion in india


Asia’s largest computer training institute CADD is all set to sign up a deal with Syscoms Information Technology. Syscoms Information Technology is a part of the EMKE group based in the Middle East and has planned to launch their franchise in Qatar. CADD offers a wide range of computer aided courses like the Computer aided Design (CAD), computer aided engineering (CAE) Programme and Project Management (PPM). It has also decided to offer new courses like training in civil/ architecture and electrical CAD which are essential for manager and engineers to cope up with the increasing demands in the market.

The Director of CADD Mr. Karaiadi Selvan said that they were proud to be associated with Syscoms Information Technology as they were the prime providers of educational in the Middle East with affiliation to the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, U.A.E. Mr. Selvan is very confident that their presence in Qatar will surely help the region as they will be offering their CAD and PPM programmes for the local industries there.

CADD holds an amazing track record of training 400,000 professionals from different fields of engineering, graphic and management. The Director Mr. Selvan also gave an indication that the in-house Curriculum and Product Development team was working closely with the leading firms in Qatar to develop a programme according to their requirements. The leading oil and gas firms are involved in the process to develop a customize CAD/CAM/PPM training programme for them. He also added that the courses offered by CADD are world renowned and globally accepted

When asked about the partnership to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. MM Shabeer of Syscoms College, he said that they were eagerly looking forward at this relationship as they had seen CADD, India being highly successful in offering exclusive professional and skilled development programmes in information technology and management in India as well as many other foreign countries. Mr. Shabeer also told that they will provide CADD with complete infrastructure from the major training institute in the world to provide with the best of programmes. He has also promised that this learning experience at Syscoms will be totally different and something to remember with the latest available gadgets and teaching aids.

According the www.franchiseneed.com there are more than 500+ Franchise Brands in India and the Education sector has over 95+ players. CADD is the latest name which has been added to the franchise business in India. To check out the latest list of computer and internet player in the field, you can log on to www.franchiseneed.com

Written by Vikrant Chhabra

22, September 2009 11:25

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