Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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Cairns plays host to a team of international ENACT Business Architects

Cairns played host to a team of international ENACT Business Architects recently, as they held their first ever annual conference at the Trade winds.

Mr. Trevor Holmes, Founder of the business consultancy franchise said “Business Architects are small to Medium business advisors and there is a new industry of these professionals appearing worldwide.”

ENACT Founder Mr. Holmes also turned on the Business Rescue Helpline that will provide local and other businesses throughout the country with immediate help with their businesses.

“I can really identify with Cairns businesses as they have to ride the waves of change in the economic climate, being from the Sunshine Coast which also has a high dependency upon Tourism, I know what that means in needing to hold onto your current customers while attempting to lure new customers from a fluctuating base” said Mr. Holmes.

Mr. Terry Thompson, local principal for the business consultancy franchise, has already seen an increase in inquiries to his Cairns Business Architect Agency since news of some of the best business developers in the world being in town this week.

“This happens once in a lifetime that some of the best business–builders in the world are together in one room, discussing how the international Small Business market will survive the current economic crisis and then propose in the future,” said Mr. Thompson.

“Business Architecture is not like traditional business coaching,” said Mr. Thompson, “Business Architecture is about redesigning the business to implement Structure, Systems and Measurement that sees the business stand and grow for years to come.

“You need to take a holistic approach to issues like the business having no direction, the staff being unmotivated, the business having no definable systems coupled with the sales and marketing not working. Traditionally, business coaching organizations only deal with one issue or other when building businesses, because they come from that background.”

ENACT Business Architects have worked with hundreds of businesses in Queensland alone to increase their profitability and secure their future, these businesses have created a clear vision of how to navigate through the tough times and even increase market share as their competitors falter and fall by the wayside

Written by Vikrant Chhabra

22, September 2009 16:20.

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