Tuesday, September 22, 2009

snap expansion in india

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The American fitness giant “Snap Fitness” is one of the fastest growing companies in the country. The company grew by 5900% between the period 2005 and 2008; having generated revenue of $31.7 million. Snap fitness is the world’s fastest growing fitness franchisers with such facilities as 24x7access to world standard cardio and fitness equipments. They offer a non-expensive solution to the fitness requirement of the consumers over the world and are very much present in the Indian market as well.

According to the www.franchiseneed.com , there are 500+ franchise brands in India and the fitness segment contains over 20 players such as Gold’s, VLCC, Body care etc.

Presence of Snap Fitness in India poses a serious competition to other fitness companies because the facilities offered by it are simply superb.

Peter Tauton, the CEO of Snap fitness opines that since everybody likes to be fit always irrespective of whether it is recession or inflation. So the franchise of any fitness club is very profitable and more so if it is of Snap India

“Our more than 400,000 satisfied members, combined with our triple-digit revenue growth, prove we're honed in to what consumers want and expect from their fitness program," Taunton added.

No wonder it has been ranked rank #1 on Franchise Market Magazine's Top 100 New Franchises and #3 among Entrepreneur Magazine's Top New Franchises. The Snap Fitness centers in India come under the purview of Force Fitness India Pvt. Ltd

A snap fitness franchise costs around Rs. 35 lacs to Rs 50 lacs. The franchisee is provided formal training for one week before being given the absolute charge of the franchise. The minimum term of the agreement is five years and the expected return on investment is minimum 35%.

Full marketing support to the franchisee is provided by the Snap Fitness and no specific qualifications are required of the franchise holder. Infact, in 70% cases the franchise holders are absentee owners/investors. Just make sure you have a space of about 1500sqm to 2000 sq ft in uptown area of the city

Written by Chirag Singh

22, September 2009 15:20

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