Tuesday, September 22, 2009

vision spring


Vision Spring is solving the problem of presbyopia and helping more and more people find employment opportunities at the grass root level. And it does this in a very innovative way by distributing reading glasses to the people living in the villages and less developed areas of the country at a subsidized rate.

Till date it has been very successful in implementing its schemes. It has members, called Vision entrepreneurs (VE) who are given the in charge of the village they belong to and other adjoining areas. There main task is to spread awareness and hold camps for the same in the villages and testing the villagers for presbyopia and accordingly giving out reading glasses. It needed, they are also prescribed to a local eye-specialist. The VE are not the employee of the Vision Spring (India) but work with it on commission basis which they get on the sale of each reading glass.

VEs are given week long training where they are given the required knowledge and skills. Another way through which Vision Spring (India) functions is through Franchise operations. It ties up with local NGOs to make use of their networking channel in order to spread its word and the reading glasses. This method is mainly used for entering new areas for detecting and correcting presbyopia.

Vision Spring, founded by Dr Jordan Kassalow, is mainly US based but has large scale operations in India and is connected with L.V. Prasad Eye institute in Andhra Pradesh and this is where its first pilot project started in India. It soon spread to other parts of the country with more and more NGOs taking up it franchise.

According to www.franchiseneed.com , there are 500+ franchise brands in India and the development industry has close to 15 players. The number of players doesn’t mean that the industry is not developed or not competitive or doesn’t have prospect for development. It is very attractive to help lift the weaker sections of the society for which we need to do our bit.

Written by Vikrant Chhabra

22, September 2009 13:20

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