Tuesday, September 22, 2009

new palyer on the block


Preschool is considered to be the first step of socializing in a child’s life. None other than New Age Knowledge Solutions (NAKS) understands that better. The NAKS have started their new chain of preschools in the country and decided to take in all around the country by this month end. The first preschool named ‘I Play I Learn’ was started this April and has gained popularity in no time.

The New Age Knowledge Solutions (NAKS) are striving hard to take their concept all across the country through franchise. When asked to the Managing Director, Mr. Arun Khetan about their future plans, he said, they had gained huge popularity in this short span of time and are in talks with 20-25 franchisees to sign the deal. He also added that if things go as planned, there will be 5-10 preschools opened under the name of I Play I Learn by this month end. All the school will be operational under the franchise model.

These ventures are all set to open up in big metro cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, New Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai. Apart from the metro cities, NAKS plans widen its arms in cities like Patna, Guwahati and Bhubaneswar. The company also targets to open up townships in various cities across the country.

The franchise process is not that complicated in this case as the franchisees can open up the preschool in a residential area which requires low resources. The minimum space required to start up the business can be 1500 sq.ft. This can be extended up to 6000 sq ft. From the investment point of view the minimum expected investment will range between 6-8 lakhs. On a higher side one can invest up to 35 lakhs.

The breakeven is expected to be achieved when 20-25 students enroll in the school. The franchise are divided into 5 different models i.e. Standard, Deluxe, Super deluxe, Premium and Deluxe Premium. The type of franchisee is offered on the basis of the investment and the area available with the franchisees. The curriculum remains the same for all the models but the fees vary from one place to the other.

The New Age Knowledge Solutions Pvt. Ltd also provides the franchise with all the necessary graphic support, marketing tools and staff. Proper training is given to the complete staff including the teachers and the franchisees to carry out the business smoothly. Special Training is given to the teachers with regard to the curriculum.

The main aim of I Play I Learn is not just education; they look forward at developing the child in every part of his life and make them confident to express him/her self in the best manner.

Apart from play school NAKS also runs other activities for children for the age group of 4-12 years. According to www.franchiseneed.com there are more than 500+ Franchise Brands in India, the Education Sector has over 95+ players in the market who are successful. For more information visit www.franchiseneed.com

Written by Chirag Singh

21, September 2009 13:00

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