Tuesday, September 22, 2009

exapnsion plans of coca cola

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Coca Cola the world’s largest selling soft drink company in the world has taken a bright step forward in the Indian market with the completion of their Rain water harvesting project in Kolkata along with the SOS Children’s Villages of India. The project was made at the SOS Children’s Villages at Bidhan Nagar in Kolkata and is dedicated to the children of the village and the local community.

The Evolution of Coca Cola in the Indian market took place in the year 1993, in the same year it also took over the ownership of the nation’s biggest soft drink brand and bottling network. Ever since its evolution in India, it has made significant investments to consolidate its position in the country’s market like new production plants, waste water treatment, marketing channels and distribution systems.

So far, Coca Cola is considered to be one of the largest investor in the Indian market with an investment of over more than Rs.1000 crores in the first decade and further also invested around Rs.100 crores in the year 2003 for its operations. The soft drink giant has given the Indian consumers an opportunity to get a taste of the world class soft drink to fill up their refreshment and hydration.

This social project was a step forward in the area of sustainable water resources for the children and to increase the nationwide water conservation.

Mr. J. Mukhrejee the HR-Manager of Bengal Beverages said that this project was an important step towards water conservation and environment management. He also added that these projects can not be carried forward individually and required a combined and collaborated effort. He was also very thankful to SOS Children’s Village for coming together with them to start this nationwide project of rain water harvesting.

According to www.franchiseneed.com there are more than 500+ Franchise Brands in India, the Food and Beverage sector has over 25+ players active in the market. Coca Cola has not just been involved in social projects, but has also provided job opportunities to a large population in the country. Coca Cola provides direct employment to over 6,000 people and indirectly helps more then 125,000 people to earn their living.

The Indian operations have 50 bottling units in the country; out of which 25 are owned by the company itself and the rest 25 are owned by franchisees. In addition to this there are 21 packing manufactures which are associated with the company

Written by Chirag Singh

22, September 2009 11:50