Tuesday, September 22, 2009

toon kids expansion plans


According to www.franchiseneed.com , there are 500+ Franchise Brands in India and the kids merchandise segment has over 50 players. Amongst these kids apparel industry in India is estimated at 28,800 crore and is annually growing @ 18%. The ToonKidz exploits this market segment by manufacturing clothing based on leading cartoon characters for both boys and girls. It has associations with leading animation channels like cartoon network and Pogo to use their animated cartoon characters.

ToonKidz is a very famous name in the kids merchandise segment as well and sells other things in addition to clothes such as footwear, stationeries, PC games and any other item that kids will like and force their parents to buy. It is promoted by AR Knit Process and NF Retail and has an in-house manufacturing process, design and branding house. Till date it has been increasing its market presence with the help of LSF and MBO and few EBOs (Exclusive Brand Outlets) in the country. But now the firm is aiming at opening close to 200 EBOs in the country and some Middle-East countries and is looking Franchisees for the same.

The franchise process for ToonKidz is simple and effective. Any interested party with an investment capacity of 16 to 25 lacs and an idea of a prime market area of around 1000sqm in any A and B class city in India can apply for ToonKidz franchise. The firm undertakes the marketing and promotional processes for the existing and newly opened EBOs. The firm guarantees a minimum return of 18% to the franchise holder on the investment and it can go Upto 70%.

The ToonKidz franchise has a product line-up of 20 products, the highest any retail store for kids’ products in Asia has. So a Franchise license to sell the products of ToonKidz is very attractive and profitable. It also plans on launching a range of chocolates under its brand name by Christmas this year.

The ToonKidz franchise is based in Bangalore with its manufacturing division in tirupur, Tamil Nadu, India. It is headed by Mr. Venkat RV who is very positive about the success of franchise business of ToonKidz

Written by Chirag Singh

22, September 2009 14:50

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