Monday, March 3, 2014

Appin Technology Lab unveils new B2B Franchise model

Appin leading education franchise brand  In today’s competitive atmosphere, lots of professionals square measure seen escaping from their space and fast towards the promising world of franchising. These professionals apparently have 3 basic items in common. they're strained, burned out and desperate to work for themselves, not create others made.

It’s a rising trend and a development that's quick turning staff into entrepreneurs.

In exploring ways that and suggests that to utilize the experience and skill they obtained within the company sector, several promising entrepreneurs hunt for prospects within the business-to-business franchise sector. These square measure folks that need larger management of their skilled lives. B2B franchises supply platforms for franchisees to create use of their skills they need cultivated in promoting, sales, operations, management at the company level in their new business possession roles.

The transformation will be a little overwhelming, though. However, there square measure variable degrees of franchisor support processes that ease the transition route.

Delhi-based Appin Technology Lab’s voice Neha Kumar points out, “Years of growing secure and comfy within the company atmosphere create it troublesome for franchisees to become at home with their new avatar as business house owners. Initially, the going is hard however we offer all the mandatory support. we tend to facilitate franchisees apply their skills and years of skilled expertise to their new business ventures by providing tools, backend support and developing education  programmes. we tend to primarily offer mentorship and tutelage on the way to use and sell their product and services.”

ATL is ready to launch a really distinctive construct within the franchising trade with its B2B franchise model, which inspires promoting Professionals, IT Professionals, Govt officers, distributors, AMCs etc.. The aim of this Franchise model is to fulfil the necessity and address the pain purpose of SMEs and MSMEs with its completely different offerings such as- web name & promoting and numerous IT Services.

The company specifically offers B2B  franchisees to little and medium businesses. Ms Neha aforementioned, “It may be a win-win scenario. The SMEs will choose to begin B2B franchise business aboard their main operations. we tend to encourage the SMEs to use their already established big range of network to sell this providing. we tend to find yourself sharing the revenue and everybody goes home happy.”

Interestingly, a B2B franchise is commonly less costly to induce into than alternative styles of franchise businesses and will even have smaller operational expenses. as a result of you may most likely not be needed to find your business in prime retail house, your overhead are going to be but that of a business occupation to the overall public.

Ms Neha more distinguished, “We can offer them AN authorization to plug its completely different offerings. Delivery are going to be completely handled by ATL team. on the method, we tend to assess their strengths and weaknesses. Franchisees with sturdy promoting skills square measure provided sturdy collateral and shows on that they're trained.”

Owners serving to house owners is one in all the good strengths of a franchise network. a powerful franchise construct provides opportunities for house owners to fulfill matched and in teams wherever they'll have the benefit of every other’s expertise additionally thereto of the franchise company.

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