Thursday, April 2, 2015

Franchise in india,Franchise business opportunities

Explore and Buy a Best Franchise in India
Opening up a Franchise in India is indeed a big task and, no doubt, it involves a thorough study over many related factors. The aspects such as the budget, the community, the choices and likings of the community, etc. needs to be explored thoroughly, before investing upon any such business. Although, in Franchise world, there are many wide-ranging options that one can choose from.
Understand Franchise Business
The franchise business is divided into three main categories. These categories are:
ü  Business format: Established business along with a name and trademark is provided by the Franchisor. Under this category, the business can be run independently. This is in fact, a most common type of franchise business where the franchiser assists the owner in setting up and running the business.

ü  Product franchise: A contract and agreement is signed among the manufacturer and the retailer where the former allows the latter for distributing products using a desired name as well as the trademark. To obtain the right to distribute products; the owner has to pay a certain amount of fees.

ü  Manufacturing franchise:  Under this category, the franchisor allows the manufacturer to manufacture as well as to sell the products using the Franchisor’s name and trademark. This type of franchise business is popular among food and beverage industry.
Types of Franchises
The vast arena of the business is divided into countless numbers of branches and one can decide from the list of options as to what trade to be chosen:
ü  Restaurant franchise
ü  Café franchise
ü  Salon franchise
ü  Pizza stores
ü  Burger stores
ü  Clothing franchise
ü  Denim franchise
ü  Footwear franchise
ü  Health franchise
ü  Education franchise
ü  Consultancy franchise
ü  Ice-cream shops
ü  Real estate franchise
ü  Travel & Tour franchise
ü  Air Ticketing franchise
ü  Furniture franchise
ü  Interior Designing franchise
Want to Buy a Franchise? Contact Us
If you are interested in starting-up a franchise in your community, a thorough study and research will help understanding the choices of the community where the business needs to be setup. In addition, a basic knowledge about the business that you desire to start is also required to earn more profits.
Franchise business is an emerging profession in today’s competitive market. It can be considered as an opportunity to earn more profits, by putting minimal investment. If you are still confused about what franchise is to be opened, feel free to contact us for proper consultation and to buy a franchise.

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