Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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Shaping Franchise Business in India
Planning to buy a franchise in India, then you are choosing the most lucrative business option as an investor. As you set yourself with the emerging market trends, you will notice that the booming economy and technology supports the franchise business and beckons investors to come and open their ventures in India.
McDonalds, who came to India sixteen years ago, was almost like a dream come true. People who traveled to internationally used to narrate stories of having delicacies such as Italian Pizzas or fried chicken, something that fantasized every middle class Indian. Now the scenario has changed. With the advent of smart technology and globalization, India has now turned into the darling of international investors. Two things that have largely contributed to feeling that we need franchise in India are - geographical diversity and size of the country.
Popular Companies who have utilized these two factors and flagged a successful franchise business India are –
        Pizza Hut
        CafĂ© Coffee Day
Researchers have further proved that a franchise business is one of the safest. Above all, it is the most profitable with assured returns. With the empowerment of communication systems, everyone now recognizes a big brand easily. Hence, the advertising and marketing cost involved with the franchise has considerably lowered. The sectors who have started to feel that they need franchise in India includes
        Food and Beverages
        Power Supply
As per the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development or UNCTAD, India is the most favored Asian countries for direct investments. Therefore, India is lucrative for the franchise owners. The main reason for this is the untapped India market. However, the metros have their share of KFC and Dominos, but the interiors are yet untapped. The increase in the accessibility of the various parts of the country has opened the door for franchise prospects in India.
Even the growth in the purchase of the Indians and with the recent economic boom, people have created much demand for new outlets in all sectors. However, India is still in their nascent stage of consumerism and experts believe waiting for a massive consumer explosion. Even the experts also said that by 2028, India would turn into the fifth largest consumer economy.
Global brands are coming to India as the needfranchise in India, and if there is any right moment for Indian entrepreneurs, then they must utilize to tap for growth and expansion. This in turn will contribute highly towards the GDP of our country. Thus, you must look for those broking agents who will help you to generate a fair idea about franchise market in India. If you still confused, feel free to contact us for a prompt consultation.

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